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Goodwine + Spilne Art

The artists of Spilne Art have created an installation and a collection of circulated art especially for HOME by Goodwine. The main idea of the project is to combine elements of several paintings by various artists presented at Spilne Art in one piece of art and create a new coherent story.

“It is important for us, that as many people as possible get acquainted with modern Ukrainian art,” explains the founder of Spilne Art, Natasha Tkachenko, and adds “we are trying to expand access to art, this collaboration is about creative cooperation, about the attainability of art, about joining efforts of art and business to create new ideas and meanings ”.

Installations and posters of collage techniques were created by Ksenia Datsyuk, Olena Shtepura, and Anton Tarasyuk. Posters used motives and elements from various works of artists presented in Spilne Art platform. With this gesture, the artists supported the main idea of the project - the unity of art.

“It's a completely new experience: working together with your fellow artists and complementing, reimagining their art through your filter. While creating my works, it was important for me to calm my self-artist and think within the framework of We, ”says Anton Tarasyuk, artist of Spilne Art.

HOME by Goodwine and Spilne Art is a collaboration about the involvement of art in everyday life when sculpture or printed art can be purchased as easily as a new accessory or your favorite wine.

Art is available for purchase by link.