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MILK KIDS + Spilne Art

The MILK KIDS eco concept store hosted an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists, whose works are presented at the online gallery Spilne Art. The guests of the store had the opportunity to purchase paintings and attend Saturday's master classes, conducted by artists whose works are presented at the exhibition.

The founder of the online gallery Spilne Art, Natasha Tkachenko, is convinced that every child has the talent of an artist and this talent must be revealed in time. In these thoughts she is supported by the founder of MILK KIDS eco concept store, Olena Masyutkina — "Ukrainian contemporary art is multifaceted and not fully disclosed, children and their parents need to be introduced to the new names of Ukrainian art."

MILK KIDS eco concept store is a multi-brand concept store of children's clothing, which presents items from the world brands made of natural, organic and recycled materials.